Valeo Lifting Belt (gym)

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For starters, the Valeo weight lifting belt is made from split grain layered leather with suede. It isn’t a full-grain single layer leather belt. This valeo lifting belt is best for beginners and new weight lifters who won’t be plying past 300 lbs. anytime soon. In fact, it only helps develop core strength, improve flexibility and endurance. It is not meant to go past your 70% weightlifting capacity.

As for specs, the valeo weight lifting belt uses double lopps and double prong roller buckle, double stiched edges and a suede lining on top of the foam lumber pad for a comfortable back support. It is made from just 1/4th inch cowhide. The point I am trying to make is that Valeo does not hide the fact that it is an entry level weight lifting belt, so let’s not make unwarranted assumptions.


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